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Our method

Our method
Predictability, growth and qualified specialists.
We bring you predictability and growth through ready-to-buy customer enquiries and qualified specialists.

The three steps of our proven IN3S method
We have developed our own method that makes it possible to attract qualified prospects via the Internet. We call this process the IN3S method.


Using state-of-the-art technology, we find suitable people on the Internet who currently have a need for your offer. We then draw these people’s attention to your offer.


We inform the interested party online and guide them through a short questionnaire to understand their needs. You can then use this information to make an offer.


To find out more about the offer or the solution, we generate a contact enquiry with the contact details of the interested party so that you can then contact them.

We find the right people for you

We find the right people for you on the Internet who are currently interested in and need your offer.

You decide how many new customers you want

Je nach aktueller Auftragslage können Sie bestimmen, wie viele neue Kundenanfragen sie haben möchten.

We deliver predictable and measurable results

Precise allocation means that it is always possible to determine which measures actually lead to results.

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